Model Semantic Search Dengan Metode Rule Based Pada Pencarian Informasi Musik
Eko Riswanto 21 Januari 2011 Teknik Informatika

Abstract / Intisari :
The search service is a tool that help user to find information fastly. The facility of search service that is plenty today is using the word syntax, so that the information that is returned is not suitable with the hope of user. The established application is prototype of a searching service using the parameter namely keyword or sentence. The process of the sentence translation is done by eliminating stopword, parsing and stemming using algorithm tala. The formed tokens are classified into question word (QW), object properties (OBP), class (CLP), data type properties (DTP) and value. The next step is looking for the data value to all classes. Based on the found data value, it is formed relation between range and domain. Based on that relation, it is made queri SWRL to look for the data into knowledge basis.Semantic Search that is built is able to search for with parameter namely keyword or with sentence. Several sentences that have the same meaning can be used to do seeking for. Keywords: Semantic Web, SWRL, OWL, Rule, DTP, OBP, Class, Relation

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