Semantic Search Pada Digital Library Online Public Access Catalog
Adhie Tri Wahyudi 21 Januari 2011 Teknik Informatika

Abstract / Intisari :
Searching facility on the Digital library Online Public Access Catalog (Digilib-OPAC) is a basic requirement for each user accessesing it; therefore it plays an important role. The observations on behaviour of the users when using Digilib-OPAC obtained a fact: the user want search result that are relevant to the user whises. This means, the user requires the search engine should be able to understand the meaning of the word/phrase/sentences entered as relevant and effective. Therefor, searching facility with ontology and semantic search technology is applied in order to solve problems of relevance of search results and the words meaning between system and users. The ontology model formed is expressed by using OWL language which contains semantic entities such as three main class i.e: Student class, Lecturer class and Publication class and three helper class i.e: Kalimat class, Stopword class and Keyword class. The rules of semantic search builts are Language processing rules using Natural Language Processing so that the system is able to understand the meaning of keyword or search sentence which are input by the users and the query SWRL rule to search the information stored in the knowledge base. The results of system testing on a number of searching phrase, for every each keyword, show providing both the precision ratio and recall ratio of 100% or 1 : 1. Thus the facility search system developed on Digilib-OPAC is considered to be effective. Keywords : semantic search, NLP, precision ratio, recall ratio, OPAC

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