Implementasi Data Mining Menggunakan Metode Deskripsi Untuk Mengetahui Pola Transaksi Pada Data Penjualan
Siti Anisah, Wahju Tjahjo Saputro 21 Januari 2016 Teknik Informatika

Abstract / Intisari :
The big of data raises the question "whether the knowledge that can be generated from the data or the information?". To gain knowledge of the abundant data used method of data mining. One method of data mining is the description used to describe the method and describe patterns of consumer spending. Sales data always have deals with the amount of high frequency every day. Sales data can be found knowledge of patterns of goods sold. Research applications built using Borland Delphi 7.0 and MySQL DBMS. Description of the method implementation is capable of displaying information in the form of knowledge-based information mean value, median, mode value, the level of diversity of data and graphs. Keywords – data mining, the method descriptions, sales

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