Analisis Algoritma Bayesian Terhadap Basis Kasus Untuk Kerusakan Personal Computer (pc)
Dina Maulina 30 Mei 2016 Teknik Informatika

Abstract / Intisari :
Personal Computer ( PC ) is a set of computers that can only be used for one person. PC devices generally used at home or in the office. PC functions just like other computer devices which function to assist in the processing of data , ranging from the input , process and output. Case Based Reasoning ( CBR ) is a system concept that has a knowledge base in the form of base case. In the process there PBK retrieve , reuse , revise and retain. The process of retrieving ( search) can be done if it gets the data input of new cases then retrieving process is carried out using an algorithm . Probabilistic Bayesian algorithm is an algorithm that can be applied in the process of retrieving in PBK. Probabilistic Bayesian probabilistic will generate value in the form of percentage of the final value. PBK will be applied to the base case for the detection of damage to PC. Bayesian probabilistic used to make the process of retrieving of new cases on the basis of existing case. In this paper , using the 15 examples of the base case and the results of testing that is a probability value of 91.88 % of the new cases of the old case. Keywords— CBR, Personal Computer (PC), Retrieve, Bayesian Probabilistic

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