Rancang Bangun Pendidikan Daring Pada Mts Negeri 2 Palangkaraya
Mochammad Ichsan dan Rio Irawan 30 Mei 2016 Teknik Informatika

Abstract / Intisari :
The concept of e-learning or online education brings big impact of the transformation of conventional teaching learning process to digital form, both in content and systems. Nowadays, online is an accepted conceptfor the world community, as it is evidenced by the widespread implementation of online education instituted. By using the online technology, the educational institutions can utilize this technology to support teaching, learning and sharing learning resources. Thus, online learning can improve the quality of untrammeled space and time. This system will be a model for schools so as to support and to promote and support the learning process better and faster. During the learning process is plagued by using textbooks to be purchased so that students who do not have to spend a little to have the desired textbooks. In addition, to facilitate students and teachers to interact with each other regarding the subject matter if one day the teacher or the student is unable to attend the class of learn face to face. This online education model is expected can help students and teachers to be able to keep doing the learning process without the constrained of space and time. In the developing this design, the writer used the method of observation, interviews, literature review and analysis. This research is expected to be useful to students and teachers in MTS Negeri 2 Palangkaraya in learning activities.

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