Integrasi Case-based Reasoning Dan Rule-based Reasoning Untuk Pengembangan Sistem Pendeteksi Dini Ganguan Tumbuh Kembang Anak
Edi Faizal 28 September 2015 Manajemen Informatika

Abstract / Intisari :
The growth process is result of the interaction of genetic and environmental factors. Children's growth disorders can be caused by a lack of awareness of parents, the lack of socialization of pediatricians, midwives and psychologists. Along with the development of technology, to diagnose Children's growth disorders can be aided by a computer application. This research is to develop a computer-based intelligent system which is useful for paramedics to help the early diagnosis of disorders of child growth. The method used is to combine (hybrid) between the rule-based reasoning (RBR) and case-based reasoning (CBR). The level of similarity calculated by weighted Minkowski method and the confidence level is calculated by certainty factor (CF) method. System test results indicate that the system can running well, with sensitivity level of 97.44%, specificity of 42.86%, PPV of 76%, NPV of 90% and accuracy of 78.33% with 21.67% of error rate. Keywords— children's growth disorders, intelligent system, RBR, CBR

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