Sistem Cerdas Diagnosis Penyakit Saluran Pencernaan Dengan Case-based Reasoning
Edi Faizal 26 Januari 2015 Teknik Komputer

Abstract / Intisari :
Digestive organ disorders are very influential in the process of digestion of food. abnormalities of the gastrointestinal tract is caused by various factors, including, diet changes, the influence of excessive drugs and for a long time, alcohol and nicotine, stress, tumors or gastrointestinal cancer, organisms can be bacteria, flies, worms and so on. It becomes a problem, both for patients and physicians. Limitations of health experts gastrointestinal disease in humans, especially in rural areas is of great concern. The purpose of this research is to create intelligent software assistant that may help health experts in diagnosing gastrointestinal tract diseases. Results of test showed that the system is able to recognize correctly (sensitivity) at 96.55%, specificity of 81.82%, PPV 93,33%, NPV 90%, with an accuracy rate of 92.5% and the errors rate of 7.5%. Keywords— digestive organ, case-based reasoning, minkowski similarity, diagnosing

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