Penerapan Teori Dampster-shafer Pada Sistem Cerdas Untuk Mendeteksi Gangguan Kesehatan Kandungan
Edi Faizal 29 September 2014 Teknik Komputer

Abstract / Intisari :
Ignorance of women about the disease and how to handle the womb disease causing the higher risk of infection. One specific medical symptoms are expressed differently, depending on patient educational background / social / cultural, necessitating anamnesis techniques that are specific to the same perception. On the other side, the availability of experts is still comparatively rare and relatively expensive, so it requires appropriate technology breakthrough to overcome these problems. As an alternative to overcome this problem is to create an intelligent system that is computer-based expert systems. In reality, that the expert system is not 100% correct, so the user confidence is still low. There are several methods that can be used to handle the distrust,one of theory is dampster-Shafer. This research has resulted in an expert system that can be used as a means to conduct an initial assessment of the womb health problems. The system is able to giving advice on the treatment, and providing trust information for the illness. Results of testing showed that the system is able to recognize correctly worm disease by 100% and has an accuracy rate of 90% with an error rate of 10%. Keywords— diagnosis, womb disease, expert systems, dampster-shafer

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