Pembiayaan Aktiva Tetap Antara Hutang Dan Leasing Dengan Analisa Npv Dan Irr
Sur Yanti 29 Mei 2009 Komputerisasi Akuntansi

Abstract / Intisari :
Tangible fixed asset is so neeeded by company to operate it. Decision to get tangible asset can be done by various ways, such as buy tangible fixed asset if company has enough money and if company has not enough money company can find out tangible asset funding with loan or with other ways, such as leasing. The method that can be used to get decision between funding tangible fixed asset by loan or leasing is with Net Present Value (NPV) analize and also Internal Rate of Return (IRR) analize. NPV analize used (NPV) to decide whether a project can be approved or not. With tangible asset buying analization, NPV analize can be used to decide about whether an Tangible fixed asset can be bought or not. With leasing analization oh IRR, the ammount of leasing fund after tax cost of lease comparing with loan fund after tax is used to decide eligible or not for company to do leasing.

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   Tangible Fixed Asset, Net Present Value, Internal Rate Of Return