Etika Bisnis Dalam Islam
Aris Badaruddin Thoha 29 Mei 2009 Teknik Informatika

Abstract / Intisari :
Ethics paradigm and business is world differ its time has come altered to become ethics paradigm related to business or synergy between ethics and profit. Exactly in tight competition era, company reputation which good and based on by business ethics is an advantage competitive which difficult to be imitated. Therefore, ethics behavior is needed to reach long-range success in a business. Islam as perfect religion and Rahmatan lil alamin, offering business ethics which with justice with the have base at byword of Rasulullah SAW in have business, good when before lifted to become the Rasul and also after becoming Rasul. Al-Qur'An assign value the common principles and base in doing business.

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   Ethics, Business, Islam Ethics