Agile Software Development
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Abstract / Intisari :
Builds a the application of software is not same as building house. In approximately equal phases, that is having to determines requirement of building asked by the house maker, designs design / house ichnograph or more knowledgeable by the name of blue print from home. From blue this print then in implementation becomes a house and then tried to be occupied, and last every a few years once is done treatment to wall paint, treatment of house roof and other, but in building a software very complicated and required speed in making it. Required also a method which applicable to overcome all kinds of changes happened. A team required to assist and quickens in process of software having dynamic business logic. But in building software by using team is not easy to like building a house. More and more using team which expert in building a software, hence can be enabled ever greater failure risk and cost released to be ever greater also. This thing is because of in making a software can be assorted of way applied its(the implementation to. Possibly in election of application applied is just has made debate which is serious, even often is maked a fuss is in implementation coding between programmers. Programmer that one with other programmer it is of course will differ in, something likes applies " while" from at " repeat" etcetera. Requirement makes an application that is quickly, hence many the experts trying to develop a process model which applicable to do an application swiftly and efficient. So munculah some process models that is now is called as with Traditional Process Models.

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