Robot Line Follower Berbasis Mikrokontroler At89s51 Sebagai Media Pembelajaran Rancang Bangun Dan Unjuk Kerja Robot Beroda Otomatis Di Smp Muhammadiyah 3 Depok Sleman Yogyakarta
Heru Susanto 30 September 2009 Teknik Komputer

Abstract / Intisari :
This research is aimed to know the design of line follower robot learning media, the performance of line follower robot based microcontroller, and the validation rating of line follower robot as the electronic learning media in SMP Muhammadiyah 3 Depok. This research is a design research. The object in this research is the line follower robot that has some parts, they are line sensor, a signal conditioner, microcontroller AT89S51, Indicator LED, DC Motor Driver, and DC Motor. The stage of product development consists of 1). Sistem need analysis, 2). Design, 3). Implementation, and 4). Test. And the media validation is the students of grade VIIIB in SMP Muhammadiyah 3 Depok as the user. The method of data collection is a questionnaire. The result of this research shows that the line follower robot design consists of three kinds , they are the a mechanic design, an electronic hardware system, and a software system. The mechanic system of line follower robot consists of robot construction and driver robot such as wheel. Electronic hardware consists of line sensor, signal conditioner, microcontroller AT89S51, Indicator LED, DC Motor Driver, DC Motor, and power supply (battery). And software design consists of an assembly program microcontroller that show performance is like with the flowchart design. Line follower robot performance shows performance line follower robot to follow the line. The line follower robot performance consists of hardware aspect and software aspect. Hardware performance has been known from sensor accurating to detect the black line and sensor accurating to detect the white colour. Software performance has been known from flowchart to indicate the line follower robot performance. The validation rating from user line follower robot as learning media design and automatic wheel robot performance from the student validation gets 74.50% with suitable category.

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   Robot, Line Follower, Microcontroller, Learning Media