Fungsi Linier Dalam Analisa Masalah Ekonomi
Sur Yanti 30 September 2009 Komputerisasi Akuntansi

Abstract / Intisari :
Social sciences and economics require additional knowledge and tools that can assist the preparation and logic analysis capability in more clear and sharp, so that can be avoided andanya in obscurity and abstraksi see and solve the complexity problem is economic and social. Linier function helps to analyze the problems in the economy, especially in the economic relationship. By using linier function, can be determined linier point balance (ekuilibrium) between demand function with supply function, can be used to assess consumens satisfaction level, can be used to count levels or savings, and many other purposes. Graph or curve can be get by this linier equity. Graph or curve also useful in explaining the relationship between two variables.

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Tag Jurnal :
   Function Linier, Economics, Kurva