Enterprise Resource Planning, Solusi Terpadu Sistem Informasi
Edy Prayitno 30 September 2009 Komputerisasi Akuntansi

Abstract / Intisari :
At one particular complex organization with many department running each function and objective, is very often happened the information diffraction, perception and decision making between one departmental unit with the other unit. ERP represent a concept, technique, and or method utilize to integrate entire department and function of a company into a system automation of overall business process to improve the effectiveness and company efficiency. Benefit from this ERP are business integration as a whole, flexibility in organization to transformation and improve the turn-over, creating analysis and better improvement capability, and also newest technological use. Enterprise Resource Planning is a information system destined for manufacturing business and also service firm to integrate and automation the business process which deal with operation aspect, production and also distribution in pertinent company. ERP represent a high information technology system mount its complication. Implementation ERP have the high difficulty store level and big expense because requiring big resource at company so that a lot of company experience of failure.

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   ERP, Critical Success Factors, Implementasi