Pengolahan Data Keuangan Dengan Pendekatan Sistem Informasi Akuntansi Pada Lembaga Keuangan Miro
Sur Yanti 31 Mei 2010 Komputerisasi Akuntansi

Abstract / Intisari :
The global economic crisis was felt in all parts of the world, the impact on the real economy can be seen from two aspects, the first aspect is the decline in orders from overseas partners so that many companies are experiencing difficulties in marketing their products so that should make for efficiency or rationalizing in order to still survive, and The second one is weakening purchasing power of the people of Indonesia that caused the weakening rupiah and rising inflation and liquidity or working capital from the banking sector policy tightening in lending. It is known that the real sector, especially small employers find it difficult to obtain working capital from the banking sector, policy tightening in lending. So it takes a financial institution that is able to reach out to small entrepreneurs in obtaining funds, one example is the cooperative savings and loan or savings and loan group in each and every group of society. By getting some money so small businesses and also the unemployed could rise again to start a business that can sustain life. With the increasing number of clients within the microfinance institution, the fund management is needed to effectively and efficiently. This is for microfinance institutions facilitating the financial transaction data management and getting various information especially accounting information required, and customers also feel the time efficiency in funding. With the development of micro-economic enterprises are expected to businesses that are categorized as small business customers also can develop.

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Tag Jurnal :
   Micro Finance Institutions, Database Design, System Requirements