Rancang Bangun Pembuatan Media Pembelajaran Fisika Berbasis Video Multimedia Interaktif
Eko Mulyadi, Siswaya 31 Mei 2010 Teknik Komputer

Abstract / Intisari :
The development era of information technology and this fast communication the utilisation of technology had the contribution that was very big in the activity of humankind especially the world of education and teaching, so as the activity became more effective and efficient in the world of teaching in the higher education. In the process of effective and efficient teaching then a teaching staff better have creativity in developing and making use of this information technology that is by drafting and making the teaching video. Video planning physics teaching covered: 1. Prepare the material taught was adapted to the meeting plan, the material taught covered: the Definition, the example of the problem or the case, exercises and quiz, better be accompanied the key to the answer, 2. Chose Animation that supported the material taught so as to deepen the understanding, 3. Looked for the related film quotation so that teaching is not monotonous and always dynamic, 4. The existence instrument music to raise emotional, 5. The supportive song election teaching to make the impression in teaching, In the Compilation of the production of the Video: 1. Ice Breaking as to focus and motivate participants to study, 2.Planning that was appointed to be made in Microsoft Office Powerpoint, 3. The segment of the Videoclip from a song 4. The presentation of the teaching Video that was produced.

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   The Teaching Video, Interactive Multimedia