Membuat Pe Builder Untuk Menghapus Dan Menghilangkan Virus Komputer
Minarwati 31 Mei 2010 Manajemen Informatika

Abstract / Intisari :
The development of computer and information technology, not only produce positive things but there are negative things such as crime in the computer world and in cyberspace or cybercrime. The loss limits and time on the internet to change many things in human life. Making Program Live Windows CD is made using PE Builder software v3.1.10a, to provide convenience in handling and saving data - critical data on computers using Windows operating system that is being attacked by a virus by deleting the file - the file parent virus, whether it is hidden or superhidden, while the registry is needed to repair other media, such as HijackThis, Script, OptixPro Trojans, etc.. Live Windows CD is also still provide other benefits that can be connected to the Internet and can be full access to NTFS partitions and FAT / FAT32 even boots from the CD. With a network that supports the Internet world, the ability for full access to NTFS partitions and FAT / FAT32, deletion and removes viruses, this program covers everything to fix and restore problems on the troubled computer.

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   Computer, Technology, Cyberspace, Cybercrime, Internet