Multi Level Marketing Dalam Islam
Irfan Nurudin 31 Mei 2010 Sistem Informasi

Abstract / Intisari :
In this period, the new trading system emerges in the discussion of word economics. One of them is Multi Level Marketing (MLM). Multi level marketing is one of trading system that uses consumers as seller. Many business use this trading system like local business, regional business or international business. The famous MLM trading system used are Amway, Kelling, Forever Young, Tianshi, CNI, Sophie Martin etc. In the MLM there are some problems. The first, many people very arouse interest about MLM because they are can promise the big profit short in time. The problem is only some people that get the big profit. While many member of multi level marketing that have to work but fail to get the big profit. This failure can’t caused they are not work very hard but caused the system. The second problem is most MLM use money game system. It is game or business that require money first with promise will get return without work. They are get many profit from membership money that join this MLM not from trading process. Membership money will be allotted to up line as commission. This matter harm all members residing in most under. In Islam there are elements of business ethics such as vague, gambling, oppression, there is no usury, danger, deception and object of business not from something forbidden. All of business can’t contradiction with business ethic in Islam. Therefore any business which contradiction with business ethic in Islam so that business is forbidden in Islam. This order valid for all of business.

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