Strategi Pemasaran Bmt Bina Dhuafa Beringharjo
Aris Badaruddin Thoha 31 Mei 2010 Teknik Informatika

Abstract / Intisari :
The presence of BMT in the midst of the people is basically the answer to the lower layers of society have not terjamahnya ("grassroots") by financial institutions and banks that had been actually a lot of siding to the conglomerates. The existence of BMT is a challenge and an opportunity for Muslims, especially the Islamic banking practitioners to demonstrate the quality and professionalism in meeting the aspirations and demands of the people associated with their economic activity, so the success of BMT in providing services and meet the aspirations of this people will eventually make the BMT as an institution financial choices people. However, many occur BMT is not well developed even be out of business. It thus would become a major concern. Some of these failures are caused by factors other than the manager also management issues, in this case is the marketing.

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   BMT, Marketing Strategy