Dot Matrik Sebagai Alat Untuk Keamanan
Minarwati 29 September 2010 Manajemen Informatika

Abstract / Intisari :
Security is very important human need in berkehidupan anywhere. Even when located in a city bus, we also have to be careful not to become victims of crime, kecopetan example. People who ride the bus must be vigilant to avoid crime. But we often forget or become careless and become involved in crime pencopetan. One way to anticipate that passengers should always get a warning for waspasda against pickpockets, such as making paper with a dot matrix in a city bus 'beware pickpockets'. Microcontroller is a semiconductor transistor with a lot of content but just need a little space and can be mass produced so much more muarah than the microprocessor, in addition to the microcontroller is a electronic device that programeble, so it can be used for different purposes.

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Tag Jurnal :
   Dot Matric, Security, Crime