Peningkatan Ketrampilan Pengelolaan Keuangan Dan Usaha Bagi Anggota Koperasi Wanita Anggrek Mekar Di Kabupaten Sleman Propinsi Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta
Edy Prayitno 29 September 2010 Komputerisasi Akuntansi

Abstract / Intisari :
Anggrek Mekar Women's Cooperative is a cooperative which started from the development of the PKK (empowerment and family welfare) in the region RW 01 Minomartani Ngaglik Sleman Yogyakarta, which consists of nearly 90% of small businesses. The problem faced by the members of cooperatives in the financial sector in particular is the lack of understanding of the business transaction recording system. So there is no understanding of the benefits calculation correctly, the confusion between private money with the business money, and also there is no documentation of all business tansaction. The problem is further cause businesses member stagnated and even decreased. This will impact to the Anggrek Mekar Women's Cooperative, due to the decrease in business activity will be disrupted transaction in cooperative economics. Based on the analysis of situations and problems that occur in members of the Anggrek Mekar Women's Cooperative mentioned above, we carry out training improved financial management and business skills. The training materials consist of self-motivation, business motivation, accounting and financial management, and taxation. This training seeks to help members of the Anggrek Mekar Women’s Cooperative in order to develop their technical skills and entrepreneurship as well as to improve their ability to work. This training will not create jobs but to help the members of the Anggrek Mekar Women's Cooperative develop the skills needed to earn income, improve and maintain their productivity, increase their flexibility in the labor market, as well as to develop social skills.

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