Implementasi Expert System Sebagai Media Konsultasi Medis Penyakit Common Cold Menggunakan Metode Certainty Factor
Edi Faizal 29 September 2010 Teknik Komputer

Abstract / Intisari :
One of the diseases that exist in the nose is a common cold. Common cold is caused by a virus "flu" or a particular group of viruses that can be filtered, but in reality so far, nearly 200 different viruses, the type of RNA or DNA, has been associated with this disease. Furthermore, there are factors other than viral infection that can cause symptoms that the patient interpreted as "flu. " The symptoms themselves vary greatly in terms of severity, the group of accompanying symptoms, and the many processes that disrupt the disease etiology. When a person suffers from a disease that can not be handled by himself then that person should receive appropriate treatment from health professionals who are competent in the field of health. Expert system based on knowledge systems, allowing computers to think and make decisions or conclusions from a set of rules just like an expert. One method that can be used in determining the decision is certainty factor method.

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