Pegadaian Dalam Perspektif Islam
Aris Badaruddin Thoha 29 September 2010 Teknik Informatika

Abstract / Intisari :
The development of sharia-based products gathering popularity in Indonesia, including pawnshops. Pawnshop Perum issue sharia-based products called mortgage sharia. Basically, sharia-based products have such characteristics, not picking flowers in various forms because of usury, define money as a medium of exchange rather than as a commodity traded, and do business to obtain a reward for services and / or profit sharing. This paper will discuss the pawn in an Islamic perspective, the similarities and differences between a conventional mortgage and pledge of sharia (Rahn) that the discussion can be concluded that the conventional Pawnshop, additional to be paid by customers referred to as capital leases, calculated on the total loan. Conventional pawnshops made only one contract agreements: loans receivable under chattels which if viewed from the aspect of conventional law, the existence of the collateral in pawn is acessoir, so that conventional Pawnshop can not make arrests or guarantee the goods in other words, fiduciary practice. Unlike the Islamic Pawnshop absolutely requires the presence of the collateral to justify the withdrawal of duty-saving services.

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   Pawn, Pawnshop, Pawn Sharia